History and Principle


  The Institute is a public corporation duly approved by the Prime Minister and established on July 18, 1986 with the Economic Planning Agency as its governing authority. Its objectives are to contribute to stabilizing and enriching the lives of the people as well as to the development of the Japanese economy in harmony with the global economy, through the study and research of how globalization, information technology, expansion of the service economy and longevity are affecting families and household economics, and how families are adapting to the situation from the perspective of the consumer.
  As the Japanese economy strengthened progressively over the years and the living standard of its people rose, there was a growing recognition of Japan's role in the international community. While ensuring collaborative economic activities outside, there was a growing need inside to ensure diverse and rewarding lives for the nation's citizens.
  To achieve this, it is important that all economic and social entities mutually act in harmony to meet the day-to-day needs of the people. We believe that a crucial challenge of the Japanese economy today is to review issues from the consumer's perspective and rebuild the economy and industry based on sound household economies. Indeed, there is a growing need to shift our emphasis from industry to the consumer, and to review and reconstruct all economic activities from production, distribution to consumption from the perspective of household economics.
  However, compared to corporate behavior, research and studies on household economics and behavior have been inadequate given the sophistication and diversification of contemporary lifestyles. The Institute will continue to emphasize this point, provide subsidies for research and studies wherever possible, and make the fruits of such work available to a broader section of the public. In other words, we renew our commitment to improving the lives of people through the use of creative methodologies and timely research on a broad range of household economics and dissemination of the results.